Need for Time

So many ideas, so little time. There are several projects I want to pursue, unfortunately, the soul-crushing full-time job is overwhelming me. While I am counting tablets, on hold with insurance companies, and entering info into the system, my mind races with images of patterns, colors, and textures. I want to explore weaving tree branches together, I have already begun to play around with a mixture of rocks and branches.

Personal History

A story on NPR inspired me to retrace all the places I have lived over my lifetime and what impressions or memories are still with me, as well as how those memories have shaped who I am today. Then there is the question of how to represent these memories- do I travel to each place and capture an image? Do I paint, draw, carve an impression without revisiting? How do I organize the places? Do I create them as separate stand-alone pieces or incorporate them into a larger work? I think it could be a major undertaking.

Sticks and Stones

The branch piece with rocks is already giving me pause. Is it too obvious? I usually add paper to branches, but I want to explore the patterns formed with rocks, the colors and designs within the rocks as they are nestled within the crooks of the branch. The concept could be cool, just have to explore it further.

I thought maybe using wire to attach the stones, but the smaller stones would be difficult. Something to think about as I go about my day job of pill-pusher.

Then there is the branch itself- leave it natural? Paint? Cover with snake skin? Stay tuned, I guess.

September 3, 2017

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